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The ‘three-stage life’ poses challenges to us all.

Article by Simon Kuper in the FT on why different generations might be angry and how we could make it work in the long-term. Interesting debate could be if age will be more a social construct than gender in the nearby future.

How intergenerational collaboration can be improved.

Improving Intergenerational collaboration through several career coaching interventions can help the intergenerational teams perform better, avoid stereotyping and improve learning from the generational differences.

Golden oldies

Chip Conley becomes a mentern within Airbnb when he is over 50 and finding out that collaboration is key between the older and younger generation. We should value wisdom as much as youth.

Developing the mid-life MOT

Midlife MOT report by Ageing better with four case studies. Midlife career coaching is important, one of the four key elements of the MOT.

Back off, millennials: boomers still belong at work

Being old does not mean you are past it and being young does not make you clueless. It’s all about working together and valueing each other’s strengths and skills in intergenerational teams

“We currently face four different generations wanting different things from an organisation”