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Mid-life does not have to be a crisis

This FT article is focusing on the success of the midlife MOT in a few British organisations. However, I would argue, like Jonathan Collie the co-founder of the Age of no Retirement, that instead of focusing on mid-career reviews to strive for continuously development...

Ageism in the workplace starts at 40 for women

Ageism is happening earlier for women, around 40, then for men, around 45, in the workplace. Research shows again that companies need to be more inclusive for the ageing workforce overall but with the emphasis on their female workers.

10 must-know facts about post-millenials

Futurist Will Highman shares the 10 must-know facts about post-millennials, arguing that this generation is already your customer or employee of today. They are used to make quick choices and decisions, value access over ownership, are more community-spirited than millennials and are socially progressive.

The ‘three-stage life’ poses challenges to us all.

Article by Simon Kuper in the FT on why different generations might be angry and how we could make it work in the long-term. Interesting debate could be if age will be more a social construct than gender in the nearby future.

How intergenerational collaboration can be improved.

Improving Intergenerational collaboration through several career coaching interventions can help the intergenerational teams perform better, avoid stereotyping and improve learning from the generational differences.

“We currently face four different generations wanting different things from an organisation”