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Business start-ups

Elena Troulakis- Founder Elena Troulakis Ltd.
“I recently relocated my business to the UK and Nicolette was great in helping me source networking opportunities, connecting me to people with whom I may have potential synergies, and giving me general ideas about setting up in London. She is super efficient, professional and friendly, and great at bringing people together.”

Hazel Townsend- Freelance illustrator and designer
“I would highly recommend Nicolette’s encouraging, highly motivational and professional coaching style.
I found her to be honest and realistic, relaxed and very personable which put me at ease while working through a difficult point in my career. Nicolette is knowledgeable in a wide range of fields and committed to her clients as individuals, i was sad my meetings with her had to come to an end!”

Maureen Opene – InspiredGuide career Coach 
“Nicolette is everything you would want in a coach. She helped me focus with encouragement to take action in what I want to achieve. I am thankful to have worked with Nicolette. Hire her and get the best results you want.”

 Peter Arnaud- Owner of Arnaud, Architecture and planning 
“Nicolette and I have been working on marketing my business for the last few months. She has been splendid and we have produced results that I couldn’t have anticipated when we started. I personally find this type of work stressful so it was great to have Nicolette supporting me and keeping the work on track. Although extremely personable she also has a very straightforward and clear method of working. She has a knowledgeable and creative talent for marketing, providing dozens of good ideas that I have subsequently included in my material. I can’t thank her enough for making a significant input to my business.”

Kathleen Johnson- Director of Easylet 
“Nicolette provided me with invaluable support and advice in planning and setting up my business. At every stage she has been an inspiration and helped me gain the confidence to weather the storms and avoid the pitfalls. Thank you Nicolette. I couldn’t have done it without your guidance.”

Christopher Clarke, Director of Red Vatican 
“As we are all aware the process of setting up a business is fraught with difficulty. In her capacity, as a business advisor, Nicolette has been immensely helpful. She has given me a great deal of confidence, encouragement and support. The work II have done with Nicolette has helped me to plan, strategize and implement numerous actions which have proved critical to the setting up of my business. In short I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


Lindsay Mccurdy – Senior Account Manager, Calder UK 
“Nicolette is a diligent professional who takes great pride in her work and quite simply ‘delivers the goods’ on time to a very high standard, which achieves her the success which she enjoys. She identifies the best organisations / people to partner with and works very hard to engage in the right way. It was a great pleasure working with Nicolette, she is supportive and very much a ‘people’ person.”

Tineke Looman- Looman Coaching, Amsterdam  
“Nicolette is known for her networking qualities.Business and Personal. I worked with her for many years and find her an excellent career coach. She is analysing the questioning very well and is not afraid to confront and give one a clear solutio. She is next to being an entrepreneur a very caring and loving personn. She is practical and thinks in processing and planning.”

Anneke Laoutaris- Ironbridge, Utrecht, the Netherlands 
“Nicolette really knows the value of networking. She looks for any opportunity to learn more about people, what they do, and how a mutual relationship can be developed to benefits both parties. Thanks Nicolette for your energy!!”

Career advice clients

Maartje Ververgaert- coachee
“I was looking for work in the UK and came across Nicolette’s website. I made an appointment with her in London where we had a very nice session. She helped me with my CV and LinkediN profile. She gave all sorts of tips and ideas. She is really strong is narrowing down your goals so you realise what you really want. She has great expertise and she helped me on my way in my search of a job in the UK. She gave me very valuable advice and tips. With all the advice I was able to focus on what I had to do and what was important. I would recommend Nicolette strongly as she has great expertise and with her enthusiasm and positive feedback I was able to find a job in Ireland within a month!”

Nancy Zoana Dickinson- Director of events & seminars at Focus
“Nicolette has led several CV Workshops for FOCUS members providing one-to-one CV advice. She is professional in her approach and able to assist individuals of varying nationalities and professional backgrounds. Nicolette has proactively followed up with participants and guided them in their networking outreach as well. The participants have given very positive feedback on the assistance they receive.”

Reinaldo Soto-Rosa- Associate Partner at St James Wealth Management
“Nicolette helped to improve my knowledge about how to make use of LinkedIn in a more effective way. This is an area where she has a lot of expertise. She was superb in using her skills as a coach to help me difine clearly what I wanted to get out of social media and how I was going to do it. It’s a pleasure working with Nicolette.”

Sari Varpa- coachee
“Nicolette helped me to create my LinkedIn profile as well as to redo my CV. It was very beneficial since I had not thought of all aspects of my capabilities and aspirations. She also gave me career advice and with her help I was able to prioritize my goals and options. You can see that she has great expertise in this area.”

Michelle Chicaiza- coachee
“I’ve been working with Nicolette on my coaching skills which I use on a daily basis in my work as coach/manager. She provided me with excellent tools which helped me bring out my talents while building upon my networking skills. At the moment Nicolette is coaching me on the structure and promotion of a new business by using Linkedin and other social media, where she has proven to be very knowledgeable.”

Colette Negerman- coachee 
 “Through my career advice sessions with Nicolette Wykeman I have finally taken the time to stand still and think what I actually want and can do. The sessions really clarified my thoughts.”

Erik Hospers- coachee
The career advice project with Nicolette  taught me to realise that if I want to reach something, a set back should not hold me back. I wanted to do social work and after many phone calls, personal contacts and a not so good starting job in this sector, I now have the job I am aspired to.”

Irene de Visser- coachee
I did a career advice project with Nicolette and during the project, I chose a completely different direction. I started the study Information Management which I did not think I could do. During the sessions, my self confidence grew and I was happy I dared to start the course.”

Paul Jones- coachee
“Being made redundant at 42 years of age can be a harrowing experience not knowing what direction to take and with not speaking Dutch proficient enough makes one wonder if you will find work quickly again or not. The services, support and plan of action of Nicolette Wykeman
provided me with was not only eye opening but gave me the believe again in finding suitable employment. No matter how much you think you know, a different approach and advise from her was invaluable. I am more than happy with the help I was given. I am currentlly working as Recruitment Manager in a established Business School.”

E. Kruseman- coachee
“I consciously selected a coaching company that did not specialise in the visually handicapped. I knew what I wanted – a job as a lawyer – and Nicolette Wykeman gave a lot of tips and support in the search for a decent job. In particular, the tips in the area of networking were very helpful to me.”

Erwin G.- coachee
“The coaching sessions with Nicolette felt like a train journey with a thorough start that brought me past the stations with instructive, valuable reflection and was goal directed. This trip got me to a station with good baggage from the past and a new adventure for the future

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