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Stop wasting time at the airport- get going!

You all know that feeling of wasting precious hours at an airport waiting for your plane to leave. The amount of time involved is quite substantial when you travel regularly. During one of my latest delays I brainstormed with my husband how people could turn these wasted hours into beneficial ones.

1. Make 5 phone calls you always intend to but have not make
Always postponing making the calls to some of your clients or perhaps even to some of your family members because you are always in too much of a hurry or think about it too late in the evening? This is the perfect time to make those calls without feeling rushed or having other things distracting you while doing so.

2. Work on your next business idea or blog
You will be surprised how many new ideas pop into your head while waiting for your flight. If you get yourself in the ‘switch off’ mode and try to clear your head you will see how effective it can be. Besides coming up with a new marketing idea, blog posts etc. will save you a lot of valuable office time too. Also, working on a piece of paper rather than a computer can lead to clearer thinking or more ideas.

3. Clear your email inbox
This sounds like a very boring ‘passing the time thing’ to do but it will be rewarded on your next working day to start with an almost empty inbox and structured email account.

4. Business learning
While in the book shop, pick the latest business books and read the beginning and end of each chapter to glean useful business tips and ideas.

5. People watching
One activity that helps me to clear my mind and dream of new creative ideas is watching people and the world going by. What people wear, what technology they use, how they behave can inspire or trigger ideas in your mind.

6. Linkedin
Update your Linkedin with people you have met at business meetings, trips and conferences and share some interesting articles you have recently been reading with your contacts. Write those long extended recommendations you promised to write.

7. Plan your next holiday – browse through the travel guides
It is a nice way of passing your time at an airport browsing through travel guides with of exotic destinations you often talk about but never manage to get to. There is plenty of time to browse to give you ideas about your next holiday destination. You can prepare your holiday ‘sales pitch’ for when you come home and still need to decide where you will go this Summer or Winter holiday

8. Check out latest electronic gizmos
So much is on offer in stores at the bigger airports and you will always find something you never knew you needed before or which gives you ideas on what to ask for for Christmas next year. It can also stimulate thoughts for your own business.

9 Socialising
Speak with people around you. Time will pass quicker and you might come across some interesting people. I must say I always talk to people on planes. You always meet interesting people and I have picked up several business contacts that way.

10. Exercise
For those with time to spare, a brisk walk along the terminal or some exercises is a good way to feel better and to keep your body in trim. This is especially true after or before travel as airplane seats are not the most comfortable and are liable to end in stiff limbs and a feeling of a couch potato!

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