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Pitch perfect to reach a Perfect Pitch

One of the most important ways of promoting yourself is having a good pitch. A pitch is like a communication or sales tool; a high-level and basic introduction to whatever it is you are selling (a product or service) to get the conversation started. With a perfect pitch you should have all the key information to shine in less than 60 seconds without sounding like a robot. Here is a list of Wykeman’s 10 P’s which can help you formulating your perfect pitch:

    1. Prepare
    Know your audience. Adjust your pitch when necessary and always be prepared for sudden changes.

    2. Prospect
    Find out in which market they operate and what their current challenges are.

    3. Purpose
    What is the purpose of your pitch? You have to have your lines ready to grab their attention since an adult’s attention span is only a few seconds.

    4. Precise
    Be precise and use consistent data and examples in your pitch. After two or three sentences someone should know what you do or have to offer to ensure they stay interested in your pitch.

    5. Personalise
    It’s about you, not your service or product. Don’t get into daily issues of your business or job but focus on your skills and ability. What makes you or your company different from competitors?

    6. Professional
    The pitch should come across as professional. So don’t get into details, don’t waffle along and stay focused.

    7. Passionate
    Be passionate about your pitch; make sure you present your pitch with a smile and lots of enthusiasm. Remember the interest of the average audience is not more than a minute.

    8. Powerful
    You have to be powerful in your speech. Stand up straight and talk with confidence. If you come across as being powerful you show you know what you are talking about.

    9. Persuade
    Make sure your pitch will persuade your audience to invite you for an interview or introduce you to influential people. Don’t hesitate in your speech, be confident and persuade them with your knowledge and professional approach. A good way to ensure you can persuade people is to practice your pitch.

    10. Practise
    A perfect pitch can only be perfect if you have practiced your pitch a few times with your friends, family and colleagues before trying it out in your business networks. Write it on paper and practice until you feel comfortable with it.

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