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Top 10 tips to get LinkedIn London

Despite LinkedIn’s popularity amongst professional people, a lot of them only start being active again – building their network – when the need is there: a move abroad or a new career. Our experience is that you should get started long before moving to London. By making the most of your LinkedIn presence you can get a better view of the London job market and thereby increasing your career chances.

      Wykeman’s top 10 LinkedIn tips before moving to London in order of importance:

1. Create a summary in your LinkedIn profile about who you are, what your skills and abilities are and what you are looking for. Add keywords that appear in job descriptions so recruiters will be able to find you and link your LinkedIn profile to your CV.

2. Inform your current network about your departure to London and grow your network through connecting with former and current colleagues, fellow students and business contacts. Explain what type of work you are looking for and in which industry. Don’t be shy to ask for some input and introductions.

3. Get recommendations from your previous manager and customers. This is a good way to get back in contact and tell them about your move to London.

4. Check out the network of your connections, the so-called second layer; if any of their connections are based in London, ask for an introduction.

5. Search within Linkedin with the companies search tool to find out if people from your former companies are currently based in London. Try to get an introduction via your ex- colleagues from those companies.

6. Sign up and be active in professional and social groups in London; a great way to extend your network and get introductions .

7. Follow companies of interest by getting a Twitter account and link that with your LinkedIn account. Re-tweet posts of companies you are interested in to show engagement.

8. Follow recruiters on Twitter to learn about their company and possible jobs.

9. Make physical contact. At the end of the day the people in London that you connect with have started from scratch in London too. Never underestimate having a face to face network chat over a coffee to get to know each other better .

10. Expand your network after you secured a job and remain active in the groups you joined.

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