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DrivenWoman; where networking meets lifecoaching

Women’s networks are a great place to make new contacts and exchange information and knowledge. But when we founded DrivenWoman two years ago, we wanted to go on step further. You can get all the right contacts and gather all the right knowledge, but if you don’t have the right attitude it’s very difficult to succeed.

We wanted to build a forum where women could come together and work on improving themselves on a regular basis with a support of other women. It would be a group where you’d get coached by the other members and feel accountable to them about your goals. We all have different experiences in life and by exchanging them we all can learn.

Our members’ groups have become like a sisterhood and it’s very open and based on trust. It’s about building stamina and not quitting. It’s about learning to face obstacles and getting through fear of failure. At the end of the day, your attitude is what determines the outcome.

Our method is, ‘LifeWorking’,where networking meets lifecoaching’. Women attend our members’ meetings once a month and get ‘coached’ by other like-minded women. It’s all about repeatedly working through your action plan and goals, creating positive habits, getting feedback and removing obstacles.

If you think you could benefit from a network of women who support each other, here are some examples why people join DrivenWoman:

Thinking of changing your career
We don’t give career advice, our meetings are an inspiring and supporting environment to challenge your current thinking.

Want to start your own business
You have a dream, a passion, and an idea for a business but don’t quite have the courage or knowledge to take the first step. Together we can create the momentum and action plan that will help you to move forward towards your dream.

Early stages in your entrepreneurial journey, freelancing
You’ve launched the business but are still in a very early stages of your entrepreneurial journey. Here you find inspiration and ideas from other driven women that will help you stay focused and beat the obstacles on your way to success.

Stay at home mother looking to find your thing
Sometimes we get so consumed with taking care of our families that we completely forget to look after ourselves. Our sessions will provide you with a structure and supportive environment to explore what you would like to do for yourself next.‘Introduction evenings’ are held once a month in Soho, London.

Find out more about DrivenWoman: DrivenWoman

Miisa Mink is the Co-founder of DrivenWoman women’s network, Founder and Creative Director of an online jewellery brand Mink&Stone and co-owner of Scandinavian style coffee shop chain, Nordic Bakery

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