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Career strategies in a recession

If you are currently living in London, in-between jobs or you have just arrived in this city, why not try the following strategies to get a job? Concentrate on growth industries Sign up for newspapers like the Financial Times or business magazines like the Economist or Business week to...

The black cat strategy: how to stand out from the crowd

Guest blog-post by Nick Wykeman This blog post sets out the strategy on making the best of your position in securing a job or accelerating in business. It is light-heartedly based on the behaviour of cats. Energy conservation Follow the lead of the black cat; carefully consider your situation...

Headhunters or Headshrinkers?

Guest blog written by Nick Wykeman. If you are looking for a job in senior management in London, headhunters are essential for you to achieve your goal. They provide the link between a business and candidates. Their networks are unparalleled and their suggestions on candidates worth interviewing are always...

Top 10 tips to get LinkedIn London

Despite LinkedIn’s popularity amongst professional people, a lot of them only start being active again – building their network – when the need is there: a move abroad or a new career. Our experience is that you should get started long before moving to London. By making the most...

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