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Career strategies in a recession

If you are currently living in London, in-between jobs or you have just arrived in this city, why not try the following strategies to get a job?

Concentrate on growth industries
Sign up for newspapers like the Financial Times or business magazines like the Economist or Business week to extend your knowledge about growing industries. You can easily subscribe to them online if you like. These paper and magazines will give you new insights and you can find out where your chances and opportunities are. This would be a good start of your career strategy. In London there are still enough career opportunities in the IT sector but also skilled trades such as electricians and plumbers are always in short supply.

Prioritize your time and effort
After deciding in which industry or field of interest you would like to work, consider concentrating on certain areas of expertise. The more specific you are regarding your expertise, the clearer your message will come across in what you are looking for when you talk to a recruiter or a company.

Be smarter and better
Update your resume with current successes in your career and try to stand out from the crowd. Make five networking calls a day instead of five a week, attend networking events on a regular basis to get yourself out there, show interest and follow up. Make sure your leave a good impression so that you will be remembered. See non stop networking nous for more details where to network in London.

Work your network
When you know what you are looking for, go through all your on-line and off-line network contacts that could be of any help to you. Make sure that during your network talks you give as well as take!

Use the right social media tools
Follow recruiters on Twitter and Facebook. Tweet interesting things about yourself, your expertise and make sure you follow and are followed by the right audience. Update your LinkedIn profile, get involved in LinkedIn groups of your field of interest and expertise and expand your online network.

Be patient
Don’t expect another job lined up the next day. It takes time to network, adjust your curriculum, talk to recruiters and respond to job applications. If you are in need of money and desperate for immediate paid work, you can always take on an interim assignment in the meantime.

Temping/ interim work
This is a good career strategy to explore if you like the job and/ or exploring the new area you are starting working in and is generally quite well paid. Although it is not a secured job, it gives you a lot of freedom in return.

If, despite all your effort a new job opportunity is not coming along quick enough why not exploring the voluntary sector in the meantime? It is a great way to extend your network, expand your knowledge and add relevant work experience to your CV. For more information check out working for a chartity.

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