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Business Spring cleaning

The start of the year is an ideal time to do a bit of spring cleaning of your business. It is a good time to follow up on your leads as most businesses budget from January/ February for the year.

Revamp your Linkedin profile
Have a close look at your profile- when did you last ask for a recommendation from your client? Have you gained new experiences or any new skills you would like to add? Make sure before making changes that you switch off the public visibility so the changes can only be seen when you are finished.

New Challenge
Plan to do one new thing you have never thought of doing. Offer a free training or workshop at your local library, speak at a charity or organise a fundraising in name of your business.

Go through the piles of paper you collected over the past year. Anything you haven’t moved or ‘retouched’ from the piles has not been relevant and can be shredded. A clean desk gives space for a clear mind and will stimulate your creative thinking process.

Change around your workplace; have your desk facing the window instead of the back wall or move around some other furniture or repaint your walls. By doing so you are being ‘forced’ to spring clean your office at the same time and it will stimulate you.

Rewrite or adjust your marketing plan
Check which strategies of your current plan did and didn’t work last year and try to think about improvements, new ideas and campaigns to launch which will benefit your business

Cull your business cards
Open your desk drawers and your business card files, empty your bags and check other ‘hiding’ places where you have collected business cards from events, conferences, network drinks and social occasions. Keep the ones you want to get in contact with or reconnect with and put their names on your newly created to-do list. A useful App to copy all your business cards on to your smartphone is ‘Cardmunch’ which you can download for free.

Try not to procrastinate – pick up the phone and chase your outstanding leads from last year. It takes more effort than writing an email but it is much more efficient and will eventually result in more concrete business. Set yourself a target for each day.

Connect and reconnect
Organise a get together with all your customers and interesting leads. This could be in your new decorated office or if not suitable, in a nice centrally located pub or lunchroom. This could also be based around a free seminar or joint business breakfast with another business.

Finally get into action with the to-do lists you have created over the past year. Write down realistic and achievable goals and finish one list before creating another one. Pitch a couple of easy ones first to get momentum.

Check the competitors
Often you are so busy working on your own business you do not look at others. The spring clean is time to take a look at your competitors and what they are offering – can you use their ideas or do they stimulate new ideas for your business. Every business moves on so it is important to keep abreast of the competition.

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